Mentoring Program

The SUNYLA mentoring program is an informal program where mentor and mentee are paired based on mutual interests, which might range from guidance on the tenure and promotion process, to taking on leadership roles within your organization or profession, or honing your skills in a particular content area or specialty.

By participating in the program, you commit to a one-year relationship that coincides with the SUNYLA membership (from annual conference to annual conference). Mentor and mentored will mutually decide how often to connect over the course of the year, but regular contact is encouraged (at least twice over the academic year). To start off on the right foot, subjects for early conversations should include: frequency of contact desired, goals and aspirations of the mentee, preferred learning styles, communication preferences, and the sharing of information about both your backgrounds and what mutual benefit you both can get from this experience.

To participate in the SUNYLA Mentoring Program, please fill out the following form. Once you have completed the form, a member of the SUNYLA Professional Development Committee will contact you.

For more on mentoring best practices, see our brief bibliography of recommended readings.

SUNYLA Mentoring Program Form