Active Ad Hoc Committees


Chair, Jennifer Collins (Delhi)

Promotion and Tenure

Chair, Carrie Fishner (Delhi)

Scholarly Communications

Chair, Emily Kilcer (Albany)

Purpose: The Scholarly Communication Committee will work to build a community of SUNY-affiliated professionals charged with scholarly communication activities on their campuses. This committee will provide a forum for discussion, networking, and info sharing around a wide variety of topics, including open access, institutional repositories, open educational resources, author rights, and alternative publishing models. The primary goal will be to serve to accelerate each SUNY campus’s singular efforts to develop and implement successful, sound open access policies and practices that best serve their local communities.

Rationale: In light of the Chancellor’s memorandum regarding Campus Open Access Policies and System Repositories, which directly speaks to “related shared/networked services” and an “integrated” interface to address support of local open access policies and repositories, a coordinated effort on the part of SUNYLA should be a natural next step toward policy implementation and related scholarly communication activities.

Tasks and deliverables: The primary task will be to build a collaborative, networked community in support of open access and scholarly communication practices across the SUNY system.

Communication: The Scholarly Communication Committee will maintain a web presence on the SUNYLA site, in addition to hosting a listserv/Google group that would foster conversation between more formal, organized gatherings.

Committee membership: Membership welcomes any SUNY-affiliated professional charged with implementing, or interested in supporting, scholarly communication activities locally.

Past Ad Hoc Committees

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  • Assessment