SUNYLA Call for Nominations

Did you or a colleague publish a paper last year? Give a conference presentation that was a career highlight? Upload a coding project to GitHub that could change the way students interact with library resources?

The SUNYLA Professional Development Committee is seeking nominations for the inaugural Excellence in Scholarship award.

Scholarship eligible for these awards was published, presented, handed in, or otherwise fixed in a sharable forum during the 2023 calendar year.

Nominations and self-nominations are welcome.


To be eligible for the Excellence in Scholarship award,
One of the creators must be:

  • A SUNYLA member (non-student)
  • Author or part of an authorship group which generated a work, such as a
    • Published paper
    • Conference paper or recorded presentation
    • Work fixed in a sharable medium (e.g. code uploaded to an open access repository)

The nominated work must have been:

  • The nominated work must have been published, presented, or made available in a fixed sharable medium during the 2023 calendar year to be eligible for the award presented at the 2024 Annual Conference


Awards include a cash prize and an opportunity to present at the SUNYLA Annual Conference.

To submit a nomination, please complete the form here:

Nomination Form: Excellence in Scholarship Award

Questions can be submitted to Rebecca Hewitt, Chair,