Welcome to the SUNYLA Technology Discussion Group (TDG)! This group has had several incarnations: Technology Users Group (TUG), Library Software Users Group (LiSUG), and SUNY Aleph Users Group (SUNYAUG). The current committee is an informal discussion group with the following goals:

  • Serve as a focus for the exchange of information about various library technologies including but not limited to automation, information technology, web services, user experience, etc.
  • Encourage discussion and education within and between interest groups of SUNY librarians and staff
  • Maintain lines of communication with the SUNY Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)
  • Provide an informal space to talk technology issues that matter to SUNY librarians
  • Organize the annual mid-winter SUNYLA virtual conference





Reports (Former Information Technology Committee)

Reports (Former Library Software Users Group)

  • ALEPH Reports Survey Results
    • Appendices
      • “Survey Section P – The reports I’d really like” (SectionPrev.ppt)
      • “Aleph Report Formats – XML to Tab-Delimited Text” (XMLtoTab-DelimitedText.ppt) with generic xsl file
        • To download the generic xsl file, right click on the link and select your browser’s “Save as…” option – left clicking will give a 404 error.
      • “Collection Development Report” (Collectiondevelopmentreport.doc)
      • “Instructions for using the XSL Creator” (UsingtheXSLcreator.doc)
      • “Alternate method for taking XML output and importing it into Excel” (Alternativemethod.doc – file missing)

SUNY Statewide Projects and Offices

SUNY Office of Library and Information Services