Amended and approved March 1, 2007 by the Ad Hoc SUNYLA/SUNYAUG Committee

1. Coordination of software interest groups

One aim of the Library Software Users Group (LiSUG) is to broaden its scope beyond ALEPH. This Guidelines document is to help the Users Group determine the mechanism for coordinating the participants’ different software interests, following the LiSUG charge which envisions “each group organized around the common interest in a software system or package which is used by some SUNY libraries”.

2. Membership

The Library Software Users Group shall consist of at least 6 officers (SUNYLA Bylaws, section V.C.1), who are required to be members of SUNYLA (SUNYLA Bylaws section V.C.1. and Constitution section III.4):

  1. Chair – selected for a 2 year-term by the SUNYLA President with approval of the SUNYLA Executive Board (SUNYLA Bylaws, section V.1).
  2. Conference Coordinator – serves a 1 year-term after having served the previous year as Conference Coordinator-Elect
  3. Conference Coordinator-Elect – annually selected for a 2 year-term by the Chair, the first year as Conference Coordinator-Elect and second year as Conference Coordinator.
  4. Interest Groups Coordinator – selected for a two-year term by the Chair; responsible for coordinating interest groups, facilitating communication, and overseeing enhancements processes as necessary
  5. Recording Secretary – elected to a 2 year-term by the above officers (SUNYLA Bylaws, section V.C.2).
  6. OLIS Representative – affirmed by Chair as ex officio; will not vote.

3. Representatives

One LiSUG Representative from each institution is desirable for communication, promoting LiSUG aims, and disseminating information among the individual participants. There shall be one representative from each of the 64 SUNY institutions. It is the responsibility of each institution to elect or appoint a representative and to inform the Secretary and Chair of the LiSUG when their Representative changes. Each Representative shall have one vote for matters brought to them.

4. LiSUG Conference Fees

  1. SUNYLA membership is not required for Users Group conference attendees or representatives (SUNYLA Bylaws section V.C.2. does not restrict standing committee meeting attendance to members or associate members.)
  2. The conference fee shall be the same for all attendees. The fee for the 2006 conference was $15. Future conference fees will be determined based on location, program, etc., with the goals of being (1) as reasonable as possible to encourage attendees from librarians, support staff, and others in the SUNY community, and, (2) self-supporting, as much as possible.
  3. The Chair will request seed money for conferences from the SUNYLA Council.