Community Conversation – November 17th

Join SILC on November 17th to talk about things you’ve done this semester that just haven’t gone how you planned, or ways you’ve had to adapt your own practice and instruction. Also share those instruction must-haves! Look out for the Zoom link in your email, and be prepared for a fun conversation with other librarians from 1-2pm!

Community Conversation – October 27th

As October comes to an end, SILC is excited to host a community conversation regarding SUNY’s Information Literacy core competency. We’ll discuss issues of adaption and integration, theoretical implications of IL as its own discipline, and more! Because of the importance of this issue, and the varied concerns around it, the discussion is scheduled for an hour and a half – please come and go as you’re able!

Watch your email for the Zoom link, and join us for what should be a lively and useful conversation!

Interested in Joining SUNYLA Information Literacy Committee?

Please complete this form if you are interested in serving as the Chair of SILC or serving on the SILC committee. If you have any questions, please email Brandon West at SILC will review candidates and let you know our decision.

Direct link to form: 

SILC’s Summer Reading List

SILC will not be holding any events over the summer months, so we wanted to share what they are planning to read (and watch) over the summer. If you feel inspired to write a blog post that reviews or applies concepts from one of the readings/viewings, contact one of the committee members through email.

Brandon’s List

Megan’s List

Don’s List

Becky’s List

Holly’s List

(Keynote address @ DuPage University’s 2022 Information Literacy Summit)

Fatoma’s List

Creating and Scaling an Embedded Librarian Program: Using Blackboard to Disseminate Resources and Collaborate in a Remote Setting

Join Jewel De La Rosa and Jacqueline Coffey Scott of Erie CC for the first Spotlight on SUNY Libraries. The purpose of the Spotlight series is to showcase some of the great work happening in SUNY libraries and to foster a network of collaboration among SUNY librarians and library staff.

Creating and scaling an Embedded Librarian Program: Using Blackboard to Disseminate Resources and Collaborate in a Remote Setting

Librarians at SUNY Erie Community College will discuss the creation, management, and growth of their Embedded Librarian program. With the increasing demand for virtual library instructional support, the program has seen exponential growth during the past few academic years. In order to facilitate an efficient and sustainable model, librarians created a Blackboard “course” to store, share, and embed videos, LibWizard tutorials, handouts, and other course content. This content is created and shared by librarians in a format that can be easily copied into other courses. Learn how this content is organized and how this resource is shared among librarians embedded in multiple departments across three community college campuses.

Details and registration:

Call for Proposals: LACUNY Institute 2022

LACUNY Institute 2022

Built to Exclude: Confronting Issues of Equity and Otherness in Libraries

May 12 & 13, 2022 (virtual)

Deadline : April 1, 2022

Registration will open on April 18, 2022

Library workers, patrons, and scholars are grappling with questions about what it means to have access, to belong, and to feel welcome and included. How do library environments and institutional norms–from the ways spaces are designed and collections are organized, to the language we use in classrooms and on digital platforms–potentially exclude historically marginalized populations or alienate patrons and workers with different cultural and racial, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds? How do conceptions of professionalism and issues of privilege, class, and power impact the experiences of library workers or present barriers to entry into our field? How can we confront encoded forms of discrimination that library workers and patrons face? Is it possible to transform institutional dynamics that are othering when we face bureaucratic obstacles, labor shortages, and austerity conditions? Who has the agency and resources to change library environments that are built to exclude?

For LACUNY Institute 2022, we invite proposals that explore barriers to access. We are interested in proposals that address the problems of equity and otherness in institutional environments and that introduce individual and collective strategies for transforming libraries.

We welcome theoretical explorations, case studies, and creative or imaginative proposals that examine how we: advocate for funding and combat austerity; purchase, describe, and organize collections; create and enforce policies and institutional rules; design spaces that welcome people with different levels of ability, linguistics backgrounds, and ways of learning; collaborate, support, and communicate with each other; and understand and meet the needs of the particular populations our libraries serve.


Proposal submissions may address but are not limited to topics including:

      • Power dynamics
      • Linguistic and cultural hegemony
      • Definitions of professionalism
      • Libraries and feelings
      • Class, socioeconomic inequity, debt
      • Library anxiety
      • Library architecture
      • Austerity
      • Closed collections and insider research practices
      • Labor exploitation, contingent work, and labor activism
      • Surveillance and space
      • Patron advocacy
      • Rules and bureaucracy
      • Anti-oppression work within institutions and the profession
      • Discrimination based on ability, age, or race
      • Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, or physical presentation
      • Mental Health
      • Divergent learning


Call for Proposals: SUNYLA 2022

Soaring into the Future of Libraries

Conference hosted by Farmingdale State College
June 8–10, 2022

Call for Proposals

Deadline for workshop and presentation proposals: February 22, 2022

The Planning Committee for the SUNYLA Annual Conference is accepting proposals for pre-conference workshops, lightning talks, panels, and presentations in the following tracks:

      • Archives and Special Collections
      • Cataloging, Technical Services, and Collection Development
      • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
      • Leadership and Management
      • Open Educational Resources and Textbook Affordability
      • Outreach and Marketing
      • Professional Development
      • Public Services and Interlibrary Loan
      • Reference and Instruction
      • Scholarly Communication
      • Systems and Technology

The proposal form will allow you to assign more than one track to your presentation. If you are not sure which track your presentation fits into, there is an option to suggest a track.

We are planning an in-person conference, though we recognize that circumstances might change due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition to the in-person program, a limited number of prerecorded presentations will be included on the conference website so that presenters who are unable to travel to Farmingdale have an opportunity to participate, albeit asynchronously. Those presenters will be responsible for ensuring they have adequate technology to support presenting digitally (e.g., device, camera, microphone, video editing software).

If proposing multiple sessions, submit a separate form for each one. A separate call for poster session proposals will be sent in March.

Please submit your proposals here: Call for Proposals

Presentation options:

Pre-conference workshop
Date: June 8, 2022
Length: 90 minutes
Workshops are active training sessions where participants have the opportunity for hands-on practice or time for critical thinking and application.

Presentation or panel
Dates: June 9–10, 2022
Length: 45 minutes

Prerecorded presentation
Available on the conference website
Length: 20 minutes or less

Lightning talk
Dates: June 9–10, 2022
Length: 10 minutes
If you don’t think your topic needs a full 45 minutes, then consider sharing with a short lightning talk.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you at SUNYLA 2022! Questions? Please contact Programming Subcommittee Chair Renae Rapp (

2022 SILC Instruction Showcase Recordings

Hello, SUNYLA! Here are the recordings from the 2022 SILC Instruction Showcase held on January 12, 2022. Thank you to everyone who presented and attended!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Building Confidence and Easing Anxiety in an Interactive Research Workshop for First-year Students presented by Christine Fena (Stony Brook)

Using Kahoot for In-Class Icebreakers presented by Heather Statler (SUNY Oneonta)

Incorporating Critical Information Literacy into Library Instruction presented by Nicole Thomas (University at Buffalo)

Technology-Free Pedagogy presented by Sarah Rhodes (SUNY Oneonta) *Please note, due to technical difficulties the recording for this session started after the presentation started. The SILC Committee apologizes for the inconvenience.

Building Gamification Into Your Lesson Plans presented by Alan Witt (SUNY Geneseo)

Using Microsoft and Google Forms for Enhancing Student Engagement in Online and In-Person Classes presented by Danielle S. Apfelbaum (SUNY Farmingdale)

Strategies for Engaging “At-Risk” Populations presented by Jocelyn Ireland & Claire Ehrlich (Mohawk Valley Community College)

Leveraging Faculty Relationships to Shift from One-Shots to Embedded Information Literacy presented by Kevin Adams (Alfred)

Using Kahoot to Teach Citation Skills to Students presented by Freya Gibbon (SUNY Cobleskill)