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Conference chair/2nd VP
« on: June 16, 2020, 07:14:57 PM »
SUNYLA 2020 is our first virtual annual conference. It is certainly not what I envisioned when I first started planning the conference, which was supposed to take place at Mohawk Valley Community College, but the planning committee and I made the best out of a difficult situation and produced an event we can all be proud of.

Final numbers
548 total people registered
271 of which identified as this being their first SUNYLA conference
Total expenses = $6952.13
Total income from registration and sponsors = $10,015
Net gain = $3062.87

Conference presentations are taking place on Zoom’s webinar platform. We purchased five tracks to handle five consecutive sessions. There will be one person on each track all day to serve as the coordinator/host. They will promote presenters and moderators as panelists and then change their role back to attendee after their presentation. Social events, SIGs, the annual meeting, and two workshops are taking place over Zoom meetings to allow for more collaboration/participation among attendees. Jill Locascio volunteered to be the tech support contact.

Presentations will be recorded and shared through YouTube. PDFs of slides will also be available to those registered.

Don't forget to visit the virtual posters posted to the conference website.

Every presenter and moderator attended a “trial run” with the chair to review the webinar platform, test equipment, and go over what they can expect on the day of the conference.

Two separate programs were created. One for the open web and one for those that registered. The one made only for registrants has links to sessions.

I would like to say a big thank you to ...
Carol Anne Germain for organizing and communicating with sponsors, and for assembling and mailing over two hundred swag care packages.
Alana Nuth for being so much help communicating with presenters.
Andrea Kingston for serving as poster lead.
Jodi Oaks for assigning and communicating with moderators.
Our very generous sponsors. After we changed to virtual, I was worried about how much support we would receive since there wouldn’t be a physical vendor area, but we are extremely fortunate to have such great companies that support our libraries.
Logan Rath for being a huge technology support and handling registration.
Bill Jones for being a constant source of support and guidance.
Steve Frisbee, April Broughton, Bill Jones, Rebecca Hewitt, and Becky Burke for serving as track coordinators.

Respectfully submitted by someone that needs a vacation after Thursday,
Jocelyn Ireland