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SLC Update
« on: June 16, 2020, 02:07:10 PM »
The SUNY Libraries Consortium held their spring meeting virtually last week, June 8-10th. Over the 3 days, topics covered ranged from discussion of library re-opening plans, future of the SLC, and the SLC Business meeting.

The SLC has worked with the SLSS and OLIS over the last month on 4 week planning sprints in several areas that address some of the more common concerns with library re-opening scenarios. These planning groups reported out their findings during the meeting on day 1, and then breakout groups discussed and added to the collected notes. All findings for these groups will be collected and shared on the SLC LibGuide (as well as recordings of some of the meeting sessions).

Day 2 focused on the future of the SLC and what the membership wanted to see from this organization. Themes that really stood out from these discussions were that there needs to be clear roles defined for SLC, OLIS, and SLSS. There were other specific asks, including ideas such as an orientation for new Directors, clear communication charts and channels, and perhaps developing a visual representation of the 3 organizations. Many also see the SLC as more of an advisory organization at this time. The SLC Board will take all of the feedback, and work on putting it together to bring back to the membership at the fall meeting, with possibly a few scenarios on how we might move forward. Other discussions on day 2 included the OCLC master agreement, and the CPC's charge and name being updated to better reflect how they envision moving forward in the future.

Day 3 was focused on sector meetings and the business meeting for the organization. Sectors met to discuss the last 2 days, and most discussions centered on re-opening plans and the future of the SLC. Sharing ideas and concerns, as well as the idea of "doing less with less". There was no new business for the meeting, new Board members and their terms were introduced, and those members of the board whose terms ended were thanked for their service.

Leaving the board: Curtis Kendrick, Katie Ghidiu, and Susan Lieberthal
Elected to 3 year terms on the Board: Christine Faraday, Alana Nuth, and Rebecca Mugridge
Elected to fill 2 year term on the Board: Jill Locascio
Remaining Board Members: Ken Fujiuchi, Carrie Fishner, Mark McBride
SLC Coordinator & Board Assistant: Jennifer Smathers

Board positions for next year:
      Chair - Carrie Fishner
      Chair-Elect - Rebecca Mugridge
      Secretary - Christine Faraday
      Treasurer - Jill Locascio