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OLIS SUNYLA Council Report
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:40:23 AM »

OLIS has been holding regular webinars focused on COVID-19 issues;

Work on the redesign of the OLIS website continues;

Footprints, the OLIS Service Request system has been replaced by Team Dynamix. The OLIS link is found at:

SUNY Library Shared Services

The Central Discovery Index (CDI) Task Force is continuing to test the CDI and is working with Ex Libris to resolve identified issues.

The Network E-Resource Task Force has been meeting to discuss whether not centralized management of shared e-resources is feasible, and if so, what criteria should be used to identify candidates for management. The group expects to present its findings by mid-March

In an effort to continue to improve discovery usability, SUNY is working with Thirdiron, the makers or Libkey, on SUNY-wide (optional) procurement.  Libkey integrates with Primo/Alma to significantly improve the user experience by reducing the amount of clicks to get to full text content.  Additionally, users will be able to have a more visually appealing experience through the use of the Browzine platform.

SUNY’s 5-year master agreement with OCLC for a variety of services is reaching an end, with the final 1-year renewal for FY 21 being worked out now.  Shannon Pritting is working on reviewing long-term strategies for working with OCLC with a cross-sector group comprised of Karen Gelles (Farmingdale), Marianne Muha and Joe Riggie (Buff State), Jan Waterhouse (U Albany), Anne Bouvier (U Buffalo), and Alaina Nuth (Geneseo).  The cross-sector group will present issues, strategies, and opportunities at the June 2020 SLC Meeting.