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Membership Development Committee Report – March 2020
« on: March 26, 2020, 12:00:28 PM »
Here are the latest membership stats for March 2020
Current members: 281
Lifetime Members: 19
Student members: 45
Delegates: 52

This year, the Membership Committee is working on increasing visibility and membership.  To give delegates a better idea of the SUNYLA membership on their campuses, I sent each one a spreadsheet with the SUNYLA membership database information for their campus. I asked them to review it and identify any errors (member is up-to-date) and/or updates (e.g., retirees, moved on). The email requested delegates to remind library staff about SUNYLA renewals/membership/opportunities. I offered SUNYLA tote bags as an enticement/ "Thank you" gift. I sent delegates over 125 totes.

It was an excellent response from a majority of delegates which prompted the request for an additional tote purchase. I will send these when I get back to campus. The database is almost up-to-date (a few stragglers - please send me this information). I sent April Broughton missing delegate information. In addition, many of the delegates have proactively reached out to their library staff, which helped to increase membership with new members and renewals. We went from 243 in January to 281! MANY THANKS to delegates efforts - you do make a difference.

We should note that there is a likelihood that membership may drop due to not having an in-person conference - just a note, no need to panic.   

Carol Anne