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President's Report
« on: November 08, 2019, 08:41:37 AM »

There's a possibilty that the January Council meeting may be rescheduled for Friday, January 10, 2020 due to a conflict.  I'll let you know as soon as the potential date change has been confirmed with the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Our other remaining Council Meetings are scheduled for:
March 27, 2020:  Mohawk Valley Community College
June 17, 2020:  Mohawk Valley Community College

Please remember (and remind your colleagues) that anyone within SUNY Libraries has a voice in SUNYLA and I highly encourage anyone willing and able to attend either in person or virtually.

On Tuesday, October 15th – Wednesday, October 16th, April Broughton (SUNYLA 1st Vice President) and I attended the SLC Meeting at the Embassy Suites in Saratoga Springs.  This meeting was largely focused around contract negotiations with Elsevier, along with a SUNY sectors meeting, a discussion about alternative access, updates from SUNY Libraries Shared Services (SLSS) & the SUNY Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), a small-group discussion about the future of SLC, and an SLC business meeting.  More details will be shared during today's Council meeting.

The SUNYLA Midwinter Conference 2020 planning is underway, led by Jill Locascio!  Jill will share more details during her report.

I've been working with Mary Timmons on a data analysis project regarding Librarian to student ratios and library budgets.  Katherine has granted me access to the server and I have already started by creating a database and tables, and I have a directory to place dynamic report templates.  More information will be shared during the Personnel Policies portion of our agenda.

Katherine Brent reached out to me and said that she would be interested in giving someone else the opportunity to serve as SUNYLA Web Manager.  Katherine has been serving in this role for nine years!  Here are the responsibilities that Katherine listed in her email:

* Updating the webpage content (the council page, conference pages, meetings & minutes, and newsletters are the most frequently needed updates)
* Maintaining the site's back end (Wordpress, forums)
* Credit card used for paying hosting, domain registration, and Zoom account (all reimbursed)
* Triaging some inquiries (mostly membership) that come into the email, usually by forwarding them to the current membership person or, if it's about payment, the treasurer
* Logan does the membership pages' maintenance and the conference registration page stuff, so coordinating structural changes with him to make sure those don't break

I'm personally interested in taking on this opportunity after I pass the torch to April Broughton in June 2020, and I have let Katherine know that I am interested.  If you'll have me, I'll need to be appointed by April and confirmed through applicable processes in the SUNYLA Bylaws.

Stay warm!