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Personnel Policies Committee Report
« on: November 06, 2019, 09:54:42 AM »
Still following up on SUNY Librarians and Student FTE system wide data...

I have been pulling reports from IPEDS and created an Excel data sheet with Student FTE to Librarian Ratio – the original request to Personnel Policies Committee.  This sheet is just FTE Students to FTE Librarians. See uploaded sheet.
(Note: I counted PT Librarians as 50% for calculations.  I also kept in CUNY as it was a part of the original data set)

Bill Jones and I have been in discussion on what types of data would be useful.  Further progress:
There is the Academic Library Survey (ALS) has similar material back 1996, biannual, in separate yearly files.

IPEDS has data on Librarian (FT and PT) as well as library technicians; student FTE; library expenditures; salary and wages.  Fall 2012 to Fall 2017. 

Preliminary reports and working files in housed in Google Docs at this point; Bill secured storage space on the SUNYLA server as a permanent home for data.

Next Steps –pull usable historical data on librarian staffing and budgets from ALS. Pull reports for wages and expenditures – what will it reveal?
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