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WGIL Report
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:33:53 PM »
1. The following librarians have joined us to form WGIL’s core committee: Megan Benson (Binghamton), Anne Deutsch (New Paltz), and Holly Kuhl (Cayuga). The committee will create opportunities for leadership (e.g. writing blog posts, delivering sponsored programs at the annual conference, etc.) and participation for other SUNYLA librarians.

2. The committee discussed putting forth the committee name change and revised committee charge. We will present the changes for membership vote in the spring.

3. We are creating a survey for instruction coordinators to gather data and to gain insights about information literacy programs at SUNY libraries. The survey results will help to provide us with a clearer picture of information literacy instruction practices across SUNY and to inform our work as a committee.

4. The University Faculty Senate and the Faculty Council of Community Colleges will be involved in the creation of an updated SUNY General Education (GE) requirement. An immediate goal is to update the information management category, which is expected to be an 18-24 month process. Anne Deutsch is the committee member that will be looking into GE initiatives.