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WGIL Report - Brandon West & Alice Wilson
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:07:58 AM »
Brandon West (Geneseo) & Alice Wilson (Monroe)

We seek to:

1. Re-brand Working Group for Information Literacy (WGIL) to SUNYLA Information Literacy Committee (SILC).
- Recognize WGIL as a committee rather than a working group.
- Re-brand to help engage the SUNYLA community.
- Emphasize the new direction of committee; specifically a core committee will create leadership opportunities (e.g., writing blog     
 posts, delivering sponsored programs at SUNYLA Annual Conference).
- We want to remove the option to join WGIL from the membership form.

2. Update WGIL charge.
Existing charge:
The Working Group for Information Literacy (WGIL) shall: promote library user instruction and information literacy at SUNY libraries and the exchange of information about library instruction; support the development, coordination, and assessment of information literacy programs; and recommend, offer and/or sponsor programs and educational opportunities for professional development and growth in library instruction, information literacy and 21st century information fluency.

Updated charge:
The SUNYLA Information Literacy Committee (SILC) shall: investigate system-wide initiatives relating to information literacy and offer recommendations for SUNY librarians to become involved; provide a forum for reflecting on concerns or interests relating to teaching practices and/or instruction programs; and recommend and/or sponsor educational opportunities relating to information literacy for the SUNYLA community.

Justification for updating charge:
- Clarify existing charge; it has unclear language “assessment of information literacy programs”
- Make the charge achievable for the committee. By focusing on providing information to the community, we are not overtaxing the 
 committee to try to complete activities for the entire SUNY System.
- Create flexibility for future committees to interpret their own pathway.
- Focus on community involvement rather than committee expertise.

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