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Personnel Policies Committee
« on: September 18, 2019, 10:41:29 AM »
Follow up from the SUNY Onondaga meeting regarding Librarians and Student FTE system wide data...

I have been in contact with Dave Lamphere, Associate for Institutional Research Institutional Research and Data Analytics SUNY, and obtained two reports:
SUNY Enrollment 2017:
Historical Librarian Counts:

Please note:  I obtained these files a while ago and the data is a bit dated.  We can get updated information (current data was still being compiled and churned when I spoke to him last); we just need to request.  Dave was also interested in knowing how we could use the data, what other data might be useful, the need for the data, etc.  He was interested in knowing that this data was being used and had a purpose. 

SO - What do we want to do next?   What do we want as a collective? 

Mary Timmons
Chair, PPC