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OLIS Liaison Report
« on: September 19, 2019, 02:33:30 PM »
SUNY Office of Library and Information Services
Report to SUNY Librarians Association 
Karen Gardner-Athey (
September 20, 2019

SUNY Library Shared Services (SLSS)
Shannon Pritting

As part of a larger review of shared service delivery across the SUNY System, the Office of Library and Information Services has developed SUNY Library Shared Services (SLSS), which will work to deliver services to SUNY libraries based on individual campus needs and programs or initiatives in which groups of campuses are interested.  As one of the major initiatives in SUNY libraries over the past two years has been the Alma and Primo migration and implementation, many of the first shared services are focused on supporting campuses with the library services platform.  In addition to supporting the overall library services platform infrastructure, SLSS is offering optional extended support programs to assist campuses with training, management of library technology such as the LSP, and resource sharing management. 
The SLSS has been adding additional staff to deliver these services to campuses, with the following staff being added in the past six months:
•   Timothy Jackson, Resource Sharing Program Manager
•   Michelle Eichelberger, Discovery and E-Resources Program Manager
•   Maggie McGee, Network Zone Coordinator
•   Gail Pawlowski, Sr. Alma Support Specialist
•   Susan Perry, Alma Support Specialist
•   Esta Tovstiadi, Alma and Primo Support Specialist
Another staff member will be starting at the end of 2019. 

Shannon Pritting serves as Director of SUNY Shared Library Shared Services. 

SUNY Library Consortia (SLC)
Ken Fujiuchi

From the SLC Strategic Plan:
The SUNY Library Consortium (SLC) provides vision, leadership, and advocacy for SUNY Libraries to ensure the highest quality library resources and services for SUNY students, faculty, researchers, and staff in support of the intellectual and economic development of New York State.
•   One Vision — SLC supports SUNY Libraries to provide quality services and expanded access across the evolving knowledge landscape in support of teaching, learning, research, economic development, and public service.
•   One Voice – SLC articulates the pivotal role of SUNY Libraries and information in the knowledge economy that is transforming the State of New York, its colleges, universities, and communities.
•   Shared Expertise – SLC's membership collaborates to utilize the diversity of talent, specialized training, and depth of knowledge across SUNY Libraries, serving their communities and the State of New York.
•   Shared Resources – SLC supports development, acquisition, and assessment of innovative strategies, technologies, and content to engage a diverse community of students, scholars, and citizens across the State of New York in a sustainable manner.
Current SUNY Libraries Consortium Board Members:
Chair, At Large Representative
Ken Fujiuchi, Head of Information Commons & Emerging Technology Librarian, Buffalo State College
Vice Chair and Chair Elect, At Large Representative
Jennifer Smathers, Interim Director of Library Services
Secretary, At Large Representative
Katie Ghidiu, Acting Director,  Monroe Community College
Treasurer, At Large Representative
Carrie Fishner, Library Director, SUNY Delhi
University Center Representative
Curtis Kendrick, Dean of Libraries, SUNY Binghamton
Rebecca Mugridge, Dean of University Libraries, University at Albany
Office of Library and Information Services Representative
Mark McBride, Sr. Library Strategist, SUNY System Administration
At Large Representative
Susan Lieberthal, Campus Head Librarian, Ammerman Campus, Suffolk County Community College
Upcoming topics of interest:
•   Fall SLC Membership meeting will be held on October 15th-16th 2019 in Saratoga Springs, NY.
•   One of the main topics of discussion will be the Science Direct negotiations. Please take some time to discuss your needs and commitments to Science Direct at your campus with your campus representative that will be attending the SLC meeting so that they can be prepared to discuss the needs of your campus.
•   SLC wants to foster collaboration and communication within the SUNY Library system and we want to encourage SUNYLA members to consider participating in the SLC organization.
Ken Fujiuchi serves as SLC Chair, At Large Representative

SUNY OER Services
Michael Daly

Over the last two years SUNY has seen awesome growth in the use of OER.  To date:
•   155,000 SUNY students are using OER in a least one course
•   1,000+ SUNY faculty teach with OER in over 4,600 course sections
•   SUNY students have avoided spending 16 million dollars on traditional course materials.
SUNY’s libraries and librarians continue to be an important factor in driving the growth of OER in SUNY.  Over 60% of campus-based OER programs in SUNY are led by libraries and librarians. These are massive efforts that are to be commended. Remember, SUNY’s definition of an OER course, where the “majority of the materials either reside in the public domain or have an intellectual property license permits repurposing by others,” provides opportunity for faculty incorporate a wide variety of library-held content in courses.
SUNY’s funding structure for OER activity in 2019-2020 can be found at
As a final reminder, SUNY’s recently announced multi-year partnership with Lumen Learning - focused on improving college affordability and student success through wide-scale use of open educational resources (OER) - ensures that all OER and courseware available (including Carnegie Mellon’s OLI) at is at no cost to SUNY faculty and students.

Michael Daly Serves as Director of Operations, SUNY OER Services

Institutional Repository Activities
Maureen Zajkowski

At the June 2019 SUNYLA Conference, the OLIS proposed a two phase process in support of repository environments for Open Access and OER content:
•   Phase 1 - 2019/2020
o   Implement OpenRepository, a platform hosted by Atmire, as a bridge to a more comprehensive solution to be explored in Phase 2
o   Use PRIMO as a discovery interface for SUNY scholarly content by OAI harvesting from established SUNY repositories
•   Phase 2 – starting in 2020/2021
o   Explore platforms and services to highlight and support scholarly work across SUNY

The presentation is available here:

In this proposal, the current SUNY Digital Repository (Dspace platform) would remain as it to continue support of its current (primarily non-scholarly) content.

A working group will be formed to help with Phase 1.  Updates will be shared as this process develops.

Maureen Zajkowski serves as Institutional Repository Manager and Procurement Support