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Personnel Policies Committee Report
« on: June 11, 2019, 10:57:26 AM »
SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee
June 12, 2019

•   Contacted Sarah Morehouse to obtain the '2017 SUNY Librarian to FTE Ratio' survey responses.  Questions:  Where should this information be stored? 
If we undertake another survey are there any other data we wish to gather? 

•   Collaborated with Jason Torres on a survey to solicit information on library promotion and tenure documentation.  From Jason’s opening e-mail message regarding the survey “SUNYLA/UUP Appendix 48 Project: During the course of the recently completed negotiations between the State of New York and United University Professions an agreement was made to engage in post-contract discussions on the topic of protected research and scholarship time. Both parties agreed that to better explore possible solutions, additional information regarding the practices on within SUNY libraries was needed to determine possible courses of redress and action. In keeping with this decision, it was decided that both parties would jointly review all applicable campus library promotion and tenure documentation, and any accompanying, specific applicable local library practices or policies in place regarding the protection of unscheduled research and scholarship time currently in place and in use on campuses.
The following survey was jointly developed by representatives of SUNYLA and the UUP Appendix 48 Advisory Committee to the contract negotiations; the following questions seek to obtain feedback on the history, practice and need from the duly recognized representatives to each campus, and will form the foundation of a broader, future SUNYLA initiative.”
This survey only went to UUP campuses; survey to close June 14th.
Is there a need to survey the remaining campuses?

•   Exit Survey:  There is an Exit Survey instrument already in place. Is this useful data to collect?  Where is the data being stored? Do we want to explore an alternate method of capturing the data? This survey was last updated 2005.

•   2015 Salary Survey – Could not locate a complete copy of the 2015 Salary Survey results. 
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Timmons