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OLIS Report
« on: June 07, 2019, 04:46:05 PM »
SUNY Office of Library and Information Services
Report to SUNY Librarians Association 
Karen Gardner-Athey (
June 12, 2019

SUNY Library Services Platform (LSP)
•   Go Live starts this week;
•   Monthly LSP update webinar will be held on June 14 at 2:00;
•   LSP FAQs are available;
•   Significant product documentation on Alma and Primo is available at the Ex Libris Knowledge Center (no logon necessary);
•   Stay up to date on developments via LSP website and/or the new sunylsp email list;

Open Educational Resources
•   59 campuses participating in OER initiative;
•   155,00+ students taking one or more of 4,600 OER courses;
•   Curated Catalog of OER:;
•   1000+ faculty using OER;

SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC)

•   SLC Board Spring meeting is scheduled for 6/10 – 6/12, You can submit questions and agenda items for the Board meetings through Executive Director, Chuck O’Bryan (;

•   OLIS continues to support the migration to the ALMA LSP;  Maureen Zajkowski and Gail Pawlowski have been deep in data migration as well as other migration activities;
•   Full staff meeting held 5/15/19 in Albany. Staff activities and future directions discussed;
•   RFI released last year, looking into the research/workflow/research lifecycle marketplace.  It coincided with the Open Access Resolution that was passed by the SUNY BOT;
•   Maureen Zajkowski is working with STAT!Ref on the 2019/2020 renewal

Open Access Policy

•   Resolution was informed by actions of the Faculty Senate on open access and a system-wide task force;
•   This was a consultative process with System Administration receiving guidance and input from library deans, provosts, UFS, FCCC and others;
•   Draft resolution was sent to campuses for review and comments informed the final version with was presented by the Chancellor to the SUNY BOT;
•   Policy does not ask faculty, students, or staff to avoid publication in peer-review journals, monographs, etc., but to increase access to scholarly work;
•   State Operated campuses shall develop an Open Access Policy of their own, following faculty governance procedures;
•   Each Community College is encouraged to develop a policy of their own, that also follows faculty governance;
•   SUNY’s policy aligns with other universities and colleges’ open access goals;
•   Most federal funding requires open or public access to publicly funded research;

Elsevier Negotiations (Science Direct)

•   Dec 18th, 2018 – Initial Meeting
•   Feb 25, 2019 – Vendor Cancelled Meeting
•   Feb 26, 2019 – Initial meeting with UC
•   March 18, 2019 – Requested information not received from Elsevier
•   April 8, 2019 – Present to Vice Presidents of Research
•   April 13, 2019 – UFS Spring Plenary
•   April 22, 2019 – Begin Town Hall Meetings
•   Jun 3, 2019 – Next Negotiation Meeting
•   Fall, 2019 - Another round of town halls?
•   Dec 2019 Contract Expires

SUNYConnect Information / Resources
•   For additional information about SUNYConnect, see our web site -
•   OLIS’ Footprints Service Request System
•   OLIS Support Portal
•   SUNYConnect union catalog
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