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President's Report


President’s Report March 2019
A BIG thank you to all who worked on SUNYLA Midwinter 2019 (especially Michelle Eichelberger, Rosanne Humes, Rebecca Hyams, Bill Jones, Jill Locascio, and Carrie Marten; a shoutout to Katherine Brent for the Zoom support). This committee organized an excellent set of speakers and had a phenomenal turnout. Looking forward to midwinter 2020.

I contacted many of the chairs and liaisons of SUNYLA and SUNYLA affiliates to thank them for their service and our appreciation for their reports and meeting attendance. I will follow up with the remaining before the annual meeting.
This year, there were two Distinguished Librarian Professorships - Michael Huang (Stony Brook) and Edward Komara (Canton). Does SUNYLA want to do anything official to honor these individuals? Should they be highlighted in the newsletter and/or website?
As noted in the agenda, we will need leadership on the Professional Development Committee. April Broughton is exploring the role. Does anyone wish to co-chair; or have a suggestion for a co-chair?

At the January meeting, Dan Harms brought up the topic of academic freedom for librarians. He generously drafted a statement that we will discuss in Old Business.
Next meeting: Onondaga Community College – Annual Conference June 12


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