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Membership Development Committee Report
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:18:37 PM »
Here are the latest membership stats:
Current members: 242
Lifetime Members: 3
Delegates: 58

Lifetime Membership - it is up and working, AND we have 3 members so far.

Student Membership

Here is a blurb:

In 2018, SUNYLA Council voted to provide free membership to graduate students enrolled in one of the New York State ALA accredited Library/Information Science programs. SUNYLA’s encourages professional development and this action provides an affordable professional start for future library professionals. The free student membership would be limited to two years. Once that expires, those individuals can continue their membership in SUNYLA with the first year rate.
Once this is approved I will send out announcements to New York LISs.

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne