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Personnel Policies Committee
« on: March 13, 2019, 09:46:25 AM »
SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee Report
March 15, 2019

Hello - I'm the new chair of the Personnel Policies Committee (PPC).  We currently have three other members. Emily Carlin (Purchase); Dana Tomlin (Old Westbury); Christian Poehlmann (Albany).  If you, or a colleague, would like to join please contact me.

The committee has not met in a while.  Before we start any new activities, I'd like to get feedback on a few questions as related to the charge of the committee:

As part of the charge of the PPC we are to conduct "exit surveys of librarians leaving SUNY libraries and reports on the responses to this survey back to the Board and Council": 
Has this been done in recent memory?
Do we still want to continue to do this?
Goals of this endeavor?
"The Committee conducts, prints, and distributes a SUNY Library Salary Survey, generally every two years, with the time of the final report distribution being such that the data may be useful in contract negotiations."
The last survey was collected in 2015 (?)  Can the results be posted on the website?
Do we still want to continue to do this? 
For further discussion: If we want to conduct a survey - what are the goals? 

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Timmons (Monroe)