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President's Report
« on: June 10, 2011, 05:12:12 PM »
SUNYLA Executive Council Meeting – June 16, 2011

President’s Report

SUNY Libraries Strategic Plan:

At the SCLD Executive Board Meeting on September 29, 2010, we began crafting a framework for the basis of a strategic plan for SUNY libraries.  On April 15, 2011 at the SCLD spring meeting, “The Power of SUNY Libraries:  A Strategic Plan for 2011- 2014” was approved. Among the main points are four “big ideas”:  One Vision, Once Voice, Shared Expertise, and Shared Resources.  There are a number of action items under each “big idea”.  Of primary interest to SUNYLA members:  “SUNY libraries will develop and nurture inspirational leaders”; “ SUNY libraries will support the expanding roles of librarians;”  “SUNY libraries will pursue strategic partnerships to enhance services and collections”; “SUNY libraries will take a leadership role in ensuring that all students are information literate.” 

SCLD Restructuring:   

Also approved at the SCLD spring meeting was the restructuring of the SUNYConnect Advisory Committee into a SUNYConnect Coordinating Committee (SCC) and a completely separate Financial Committee to handle contracts and licenses. The SCC will not act on its own, but will be responsible for appointing ad hoc task forces to deal with issues as they come up. Despite some initial opposition, SUNYLA was able to maintain representation on both of these important committees.

SUNY-wide Content Fee:  Thanks in part to a remark by SUNY Provost David Lavallee in his address to the SUNY Council of Library Directors at the spring meeting in April, a task force has been formed to propose a SUNY-wide Content Fee, tentatively titled the “Scholarly Resources and Access Fee”.  This would be a “University System Wide Library Content Fee which will provide all SUNY libraries with the ability to collectively address the Power of SUNY Plan (i.e. student learning and economic development) through access to shared knowledge resources and information services.” (Similar content fees at other campuses typically average about $250 per student.) Rick Winant of SUNY Downstate Medical Center has proposed this fee to SCLD a number of times, but the Provost’s mention of it in his speech gave us the opportunity to pursue the plan. The task force members are Mary Donahue (FJCC), Maryruth Glogowski (Buffalo State), Rick Winant (Downstate Medical Center), Andrew White (Stony Brook), NJ Wolfe (FIT), and Carey Hatch. They met with the Provost on June 8 to discuss their proposal.

Distinguished Librarian Rank:

There was considerable discussion throughout this past year at the SCLD meetings and on the discussion list about the Distinguished Librarian rank. Although community college librarians are currently not eligible for this rank, SCLD has asked Robert Kraushaar, the Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Planning, if the guidelines could be amended to include community college librarians. In place of an actual rank, at community colleges the award could carry an honorarium instead. The discussion will continue.


I attended the NYSHEI webinar on April 4. The proposed ARIA legislation was discussed; it subsequently passed the Senate on May 18 with a unanimous vote and is headed for the Assembly. Also discussed were the problems inherent in dealing with the New York State procurement system.  Evidently a large part of the problem is that NYS procurement classifies “information” as a “service” and not a “commodity”; a “commodity” is much easier to purchase than a “service”.

NYLink/LAND update: 

NYLink officially ceased operation in May.  OLIS has taken the lead on finding a replacement for LAND delivery as well as other components of NYLink, and a steering committee has been formed to look into delivery options.  Members are Ed Rivenburgh (IDS), Gary Thompson (ConnectNY), Loretta Ebert (New York State Library), Mary Beth Krupczak (New York State Library Division of Library Development), Carey Hatch (SUNY Office of Library & Information Services), Curtis Kendrick (CUNY), John Shaloiko (Reference and Research Library Resources Systems-NY3Rs), and Kathleen Gundrum (Nylink).  The current LAND contract has been extended until June, 2012, and NYSHEI has assumed a support position with OLIS handling billing. 

I'd like to thank the members of SUNYLA for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president this past year. It was an interesting and educational experience, and it was a pleasure to serve in this capacity!

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Weiler
SUNYLA President