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1st Vice President Report
« on: January 17, 2019, 05:41:27 PM »
Hello, SUNYLA!

Elections are coming up in March for the following positions:

-- 1st Vice President
-- 2nd Vice President
-- Treasurer

Also, thanks to everyone who responded to the SUNYLA Health Check I sent out a while back.  I received responses from most delegates, and I have reached out to all of the campuses who did not respond.  We almost have a full delegate roster!  I'm waiting to hear back from a few campuses that are in the process of selecting a new delegate.

I received some interesting comments and questions from the Health Check that I'm posting here in the forum to discuss during the Council meeting.  I'll add the answers to these questions in the comments section of this post later.

Comment 1:
-- We have had some issues with memberships. SUNYLA seems to have departed from the summer membership renewal and moved to individual reminders - but most members are not aware of these changes. Also a few people have lost access to the list-serv - can someone check that all members have access?

Comment 2:
-- What types of news and updates I should relay to my Library colleagues? (e.g., committee news, positions available, conferences)
-- How often to share the news? (e.g., I don't want to annoy people with too many updates, or end up in a spam bucket :)   
-- What would be preferred method of delivery? (e.g., a periodic message to my home Library listserv, an agenda item at a Library Staff meeting, et cetera) 

Comment 3:
-- I am unable to log into and don't know what (to do).

Comment 4:
-- I'd love a review of what responsibilities are expected of a delegate

Comment 5:
-- I've been [this campus's] delegate for almost 2 years, and I've never attended a council meeting in person, except the June conference meeting.  My workday is too crazy to even consider taking a day off for such a meeting.  What am I missing?  I participate online to the extent possible, but never past noon.  I would love to travel and work closely with more SUNY colleagues, but at this time I'm the only librarian present during the day at my institution.

Comment 6:
-- Dues? That was one of my questions - how do I know who owes dues?

Comment 7:
-- I really love the sharing and community at SUNYLA. I love seeing what libraries all across NY are doing, and (of course) like having a platform to share all the amazing things that our Library is doing.

Thank you!
Bill Jones
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