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Personnel Policies Committee - Report
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:23:51 AM »
Hello - I am the new Chair of the Personnel Policies Committee!  (Today, I am in an all day meeting so I will not be able to even attend online.)

The committee currently has 4 members: Dana Tomlin, Emily Carlin and Christian Poehlmann + myself.  We would love to have more!  If there is anybody that wants to join us PLEASE contact me.  Our main objective is implementing a Salary Survey in the upcoming year. 

Towards that end - I  found the SUNYLA Conference session on the 2015 Survey implemented by Eugene Harvey, Chris Keough, Jill Locascio and Nancy Abashian.  I also have the survey instrument (googledoc).  If anybody has any more information, helpful hints, feedback or comments about the survey let me know.

We will be getting started soon in updating the survey instrument.  Please think about polling questions that we would like add or perhaps questions that need modification.

I believe our other task is the Exit Survey.  I am not sure how much this survey is used; perhaps it is an agenda item for a time when I can actually participate in the meeting. 

(PS - would somebody add my name to the Committee list webpage?

Let me hear from you - Mary Timmons, Monroe Community College