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Carleen Huxley:
Reply to this thread with your Campus Updates.

Carleen Huxley:

Carleen Huxley and Connie Holberg were granted money from Northern New York Library Network to attend ACRL in Philadelphia in March. They had lots of fun, learned lots of new stuff and then presented their experience at this years annual Northern New York Library Network Conference.

We're undergoing more changes with our building.  Mostly rearranging furniture and adding new furniture. We finally completed (well...almost) our weeding project so we now have space to move our collection so it all fits on the second floor. The first floor will be getting lots of new snazzy furniture, a few collaborative working desks.  The idea is to make more room for our Learning Skills Center staff to move in and work with tutoring students and to create more room for our students to do group work. We will also being getting a few more desktop computers and will be playing with the idea of doing some of our instruction downstairs.

Construction, construction, construction. The Library is closed for the summer as they finish up our renovations and 3 of the surrounding buildings are also being worked on. The College finally hired a new CIO, Jim Dutcher from SUNY Orange. Our recent Middle States accreditation visit went pretty well, no big surprises in their evaluation.

We just started the search for a Learning Technology/Reference Librarian.
Mary Bennett, our Documents Librarian, will be retiring in July after many years at Penfield.  Library Director interviews will be starting shortly.  Current construction projects at Penfield Library include a new roof and new elevator. We are preparing for Middle States review.

Buffalo State College

Maureen Lindstrom, Associate Director of the Information Commons applied and has earned the status of Full-Librarian.

E.H. Butler Library has purchased the Serials Solutions product Summon and launched it in the the first week of June.

We have purchased LibGuides and will be transitioning from SubjectsPlus to LibGuides.


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