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Professional Development Committee, year end report
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:53:26 AM »
Professional Development – Year-end report
The Professional Development Grants Subcommittee received nine (9) applications for funding this year.  Eight (8) applications were approved for full funding and one (1) application was approved for partial funding.  On approved applicant will receive funding from the next fiscal year as the activity takes place over the summer months. We began with a $3000 budget and with the generous support from SUNYLA’s Board, added $2000 on 4/9/18 to address the high number of applicants.  We ended the year with a $1300 balance.
The following professional development activities were supported by our grants:
1.   Attendance and Committee participation at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Denver, Colorado.
2.   Presentation and/or attendance at ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.
3.   Presentation and attendance to Distance Library Services Conference in San Antonio, Texas.
4.   Attendance and presentation at the Librarian’s Information Literacy Annual Conference in Liverpool (UK).
5.   Presentation and attendance to the Art Libraries Society (UK and Ireland) Annual Conference in London.
6.   Presentation and attendance to SUNYLA’s Annual Conference.
  Several unique issues were addressed this year:
1.    Applicants applying for activities taking place over the summer months can be approved.  The approval would take place in one fiscal year (2017-2018) and the monies would be disbursed in the next fiscal year (2018-2019).
2.   The question of whether the subcommittee should fund members attending SUNYLA events was addressed. The subcommittee overwhelming decided to keep the policy “as is” and evaluate each request on a case by case basis.
Lisa Errico, Professional Development Grants Subcommittee, Chair

Sylvia Chu Scholarships – 4 were awarded- to Morgan Bond, Laurel Scheinfeld, Amanda Wentworth, and Mona Ramonetti. There were no Daniel Kissane applicants.

Michelle Bishop will be the new SUNYLA Scholarship Subcommittee Chair starting in Fall 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Kim L. Myers
Professional Development Committee, Chair
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