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Ad Hoc Advocacy
« on: January 26, 2018, 09:53:57 AM »

The Ad Hoc Advocacy Committee was formed in January 2016, in response to the SCLD Strategic Plan. The idea was to work with the SCLD to support the advocacy objectives in the Strategic Plan.

This is what SCLD had identified as their charges: 

SCLD will advocate for SUNY Libraries, promoting the value of libraries within SUNY and state-wide.   
3.1.   SCLD will develop a marketing strategy and public relations plan.
3.1.1.Write an elevator speech for value of SUNY libraries 
3.1.2.Develop a plan to meaningfully engage SUNY Administration at Spring 2016 meeting
3.1.4.Obtain a SUNY Libraries web presence on the website 
3.2.1.Inventory the roles libraries are currently taking on their campuses with Open SUNY 

In January 2016, we opened up a call for SUNYLA members interested in serving on such a committee. The response was good, with 12 librarians volunteering to be a part of the committee. We were ready to partner with SCLD on their advocacy plan.

Ultimately, in 2016 and 2016 SCLD reorganized into SLC and the partnership never got off the ground. However, there has been continued interest from both groups in greater advocacy efforts.

My recommendation is to reform the Ad Hoc Advocacy group and to work with the new SLC on advocacy efforts. Due to changes to my work (currently serving as interim library director and also vice-chair of SLC) I won’t be able to dedicate the time to this that it deserves. I would like to put out a call for a new chair and members interested in serving on this committee with the following charge:

Partner with SLC to advocate for SUNY Libraries, promoting the value of libraries within SUNY and state-wide.   

When there is a new committee chair in place, I would step down from the Ad Hoc Advocacy committee.