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IDS Project Liaison Report
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:42:34 AM »

Due to the increasing number of libraries using IDS Logic, IDS Project is now using LibAnswers to collect trouble tickets and questions regarding IDS Logic.  In the past, libraries have emailed Bill Jones directly for support.  In order to provide better support for IDS Logic, additional support personnel will now be answering your questions.

All questions emailed to Bill Jones regarding IDS Logic will now be forwarded to LibAnswers.  In your best interest and for a faster response, make sure that you send your IDS Logic inquiries to the following email address:


The IDS Project Online Mentor Institute begins today!  We have five Mentors-in-Training and they will be participating in the course until the end of the year.  Graduating mentors will be announced at next year’s conference.


The IDS Project is excited to invite attendees to our Fall User Group Sessions!  A day of training, discussion, and collaboration can aid in the essential service we provide to our students and patrons. We encourage all Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing staff that work daily to provide resources to other libraries and from other libraries to attend and immerse yourself in the IDS Project community.  The agenda and registration link will be posted very soon.

Dates & Locations:

Western User Group
Tuesday, October 3rd at Syracuse University

Eastern User Group
Thursday, October 12th at Colgate University

Metro User Group
Tuesday, November 7th at SUNY Optometry

*Lunch will be provided.

The Annual IDS Project Conference was held on Thursday, July 27th, and Friday, July 28th at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, NY and was well received by attendees.  Peter Bae of Princeton University gave the keynote presentation for this year’s conference.  There were 131 attendees from 82 different institutions, including 20 out-of-state institutions.  Those out-of-state institutions were:

Auburn University Libraries
Claremont Colleges
Clark University
Colorado State University
Dartmouth College
Dartmouth College Library
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Lafayette College
Middlebury College
Millersville University
North Carolina State University
Princeton University
U.S. Coast Guard Academy Library
University of Arizona
University of Connecticut
Villanova University
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Worcester State University

Next year’s conference will be held at Utica College in Utica, NY.