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WGIL Update


Carleen Huxley:
1)      Term for committee chair is up – if anyone is interested in taking over the role as WGIL chair please let Logan or I know before the council meeting next week.

2)      There are two surveys we would like to encourage the committee to fill out:

a.      WGIL Initiatives survey – please tell us what initiatives you feel WGIL should focus on next year.

b.      I’m also sending out the survey I sent out a few months ago regarding ACRL Framework initiatives on SUNY campuses:

During the SUNYLA conference last summer there were several folks who mentioned they were in the process of transitioning over to using the ACRL Framework.  I thought it might be a good idea to survey and collect some of these initiatives happening across SUNY.  If your information literacy program is currently in process of moving over to the Framework, then please consider filling out the following form : . The form will allow you to upload four files, in case any of you would like to share things like new rubrics, lesson plans, worksheets, etc.  Our intention is to make these ideas, files available through Google Drive for us all to share at some point.  If you have any questions or if the survey isn’t working please let me know.

Carleen and Logan


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