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UUP Liaison's Report


UUP Liaison to SUNYLA Report
Dan Harms

Contract negotiations between the state of New York and UUP continue. Please visit the website for negotiation updates, and share information with the negotiations committee at

Statement from UUP President Fred Kowal regarding the president’s decision to abandon the Paris Accords

UUP: New budget is a solid start

UUP ‘very encouraged’ by new SUNY chancellor appointment

Questions for consideration:
1)   Do your campuses allow librarians to work from home? Is there an explanation that has been provided, pro or con?

2)   What is the model for librarians filling in for absent colleagues in the following cases? Are you paid, given relief from other duties, or given other consideration?

a.   One or two days
b.   Weeks or months
c.   Years

Please send your answers to, indicating if you are at a SUNY campus and if you want to be quoted. I’ll report back at the next meeting.


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