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TDG report
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:14:19 AM »
We’ve simplified the sign-up process for the Slack group.  Instead of emailing back and forth with me, you just have to go to  That address is also available in the TDG section of the SUNYLA website.

A lot of members of SUNYLA have indicated interest in moving SUNYLA elections online in order to make things easier and hopefully encourage more “turnout”.  Angela Galvan from Geneseo spearheaded this effort and created a Google Doc to look into some options.  A channel in TDG Slack group will be created to further look into this.  All feedback is welcome.

Since Slack itself only provides push notifications to people’s desktops which is not ideal for many, I am planning to send weekly (or bi-weekly or monthly) email notifications to the general channel just to keep people aware of the group’s activity if they do not have a habit of checking in regularly.