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Conference Planning
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:34:10 PM »
Island Federal Savings Bank needs statement in minutes stating that I am the authorized signer and am allowed to open the account.

Session schedule is largely completed.  It will be posted on the site soon

Call for poster proposals has gone out. Deadline is 21 March.  Programming Committee will meet shortly thereafter to review and notify those who have submitted.
Slight change in lodging:
SUNYLA attendees staying in the dorms will be staying in Chavez Hall.  This is a newly opened dorm space, featuring suites of single rooms (no double room options).  Rate remains $78.25. 
It’s more centrally located to the event space and will be an easier, faster walk for attendees.

Registration will be up early April. 

Programming committee will be selecting swag soon.  Sponsorships are going well. We have a mug sponsorship from JoVE.

Website is being updated fairly regularly.  Housing information, local information and the keynote speaker are all on the site.