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Publications Report
« on: November 17, 2016, 03:38:24 PM »
Below & attached.
Publications Committee Report
November 17, 2016

•  The October issue of the newsletter was delayed and became the November issue. It is up on the SUNYLA website:
•  Jennifer DeVito has begun setting up Hootsuite to help manage our social media.
•  Sherry Larson-Rhodes (Geneseo) joined the committee and is now our newsletter editor.

Coming up:
•  The next issue of the newsletter will come out in February, due date mid-January.
•  We will be creating a formal style guide for the newsletter to assist with the editing process and with future editor transitions.
•  We need to discuss our file sharing platform. Do we continue with the FTP site or change to something else?

Current members:
Nancy Abashian  (Binghamton)
Jim Coan  (Oneonta)
April Davies, chair  (Cobleskill)
Jennifer DeVito  (Stony Brook)
Karen Gelles  (Farmingdale)
Sherry Larson-Rhodes (Geneseo)
Jill Locascio  (Optometry)
Christian Poehlmann  (Albany)
Jennifer Smathers  (Brockport)
Susanna Van Sant  (TC3)
Brandon West  (Geneseo)
Lydia Willoughby  (New Paltz)

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies