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Personnel Policies Committee Report - 11/16/16
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:35:49 PM »
(FYI - I have relatives coming into Buffalo beginning late Thursday night and staying with me through Thanksgiving.  I called Bill Jones directly to give him a more thorough, personal update.  I apologize for missing another webinar, but the duties of Uncle Gene call!  Haha  Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.)

Personnel Policies Committee Report
Eugene J. Harvey

Personnel Policies Committee Meeting – October 12, 2016
Present: Chris Keough, Nancy Abashian, Eugene Harvey

The PPC met last month to discuss the salary survey report and start planning its next initiatives.  The chair is taking responsibility for writing the report due to the statistical procedures used to analyze the data.  The writing of the report has been delayed and will resume after Thanksgiving.

Also, the chair has been in communication with Jason Torre of UUP regarding contract negotiations.  Due to an injury, Jason is being replaced temporarily by J. Philippe Abraham.  They seem interested in a presentation about the preliminary salary findings presented at the 2016 SUNYLA Conference, so the chair is waiting to hear back from Mr. Abraham.

The committee discussed its next steps toward other short-term projects.  Committee members engaged in a brainstorming session, which included the following ideas:

•   Examining librarian/library faculty guidelines for tenure and promotion – discussion centered on inconsistent standards/procedures across SUNY libraries.  Possibly compile bylaws from SUNY libraries to examine and then make recommendations.
•   Lack of developmental & leadership opportunities – concerned about not having opportunities for librarians to gain the required skills to move upward toward director positions as a career path.  For example, many director positions *require* budgetary experience, but only librarians in technical services typically can gain that experience, thereby limiting growth and upward career mobility of librarians in certain non-technical career paths.
•   Exit surveys – revisit the purpose and usage of exit surveys for library faculty and staff leaving SUNY
•   Protected research time
•   Examine salary levels between library faculty and library staff
•   Performance programs for library staff/professional UUP library staff – likely low rates of completion of performance appraisals for library professionals; outdated job descriptions; lack of compensation for increased workloads (which are not updated in their job descriptions); added work responsibility and burden as staffing levels shrink
•   Flex scheduling

The committee prioritized two ideas for its next projects: examining tenure/promotion guidelines across SUNY libraries, and investigating improvements to performance programs/evaluations/appraisals.  These ideas will be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.

Lastly, Jill Locascio informed the chair that she will be discontinuing her role in the PPC.  The chair is seeking a replacement, preferably a person from a 2- or 4-year institution to ensure representativeness.  Please contact the chair if interested.

Next PPC Meeting
TBD (after Thanksgiving)


Thank you!  Respectfully submitted,

Eugene J. Harvey, MLS, MSW
SUNY Buffalo State
Chair, SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee
November 16, 2016