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1st VP Report
« on: March 08, 2011, 11:18:48 AM »
Below and attached.

SUNYLA 1st VP Report
March 7, 2011

Since our November meeting I’ve mostly been working with my fellow SUNYLA delegates. Some highlights:
1.  Held online chat sessions via EtherPad ( in December and February. Both were primarily about the Delegate Toolkit, a rough version of which is now online. The second chat generated a lot of feedback on that rough version all of which was passed on to Web Manager Katherine, who may very well have finished tweaking things by the time of our meeting.
2.  We had some technical difficulties with the first chat because the regular version of EtherPad limits to 16 participants. Who knew? I upgraded us to a Pro account and everything seemed to go smoothly the second time. Other SUNYLA groups besides the delegates can use the account. I set up the Web Manager as an admin user on the account for now, let me know if you want any others.

I’ve also been recruiting people to run for SUNYLA office. At the time I’m writing this, we have no candidates for 1st VP/President-elect.

Coming up, I’ll be attending the SCLD Spring Conference (in Cooperstown) along with Angela. Strategic planning will be the main item on the agenda, though issues related to the Nylink shutdown are sure to come up in discussion.

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies