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President's Report
« on: September 23, 2016, 06:46:10 AM »

Our Council meeting schedule is:
Friday, September 23:  SUNY Geneseo
Friday, November 18:  SUNY Albany
Friday, January 27:  SUNY FIT
Friday, March 10:  SUNY Stony Brook
Wednesday, June 14:  SUNY Stony Brook

Please remember that anyone within SUNY Libraries has a voice in SUNYLA and I would highly encourage anyone willing and able to attend either in person or virtually.

As President I have been serving as the SUNYLA Representative to the SUNY Council of Library Directors (SCLD).  Beyond serving on their Executive Board, I was asked to be part of their Ithaka S+R Steering Committee to help design a the new governance model for SCLD.  To provide you with a frame of reference for what Ithaka S+R is, their website states that “Ithaka S+R provides research and strategic guidance to help the academic community navigate economic and technological change.”  The following individuals are part of the Ithaca S+R steering committee:

Mark Colvson:
Bill Jones:
Curtis Kendrick:
Mark McBride:
Elizabeth Orgeron:
Mark Smith:
Maureen Zajkowski:

The individuals from Ithaka S+R are:

Roger Schonfeld:
Deanna Marcum:

Through many meetings with individuals within SUNY libraries and with the steering committee, the Ithaka S+R team developed a proposed plan for reorganizing the governance of SCLD.  This plan has been shared with the SCLD Executive Board very recently and will be shared with all of SCLD today.  There will be virtual meetings scheduled for both SCLD and SUNYLA to discuss the plan.  If you are interested in attending these meetings, please register for one of the two meetings:

Thursday, October 6th:  4:00pm – 5:30pm

Friday, October 7th:  12:00pm – 1:30pm

The next SCLD Fall Meeting will be held on Monday, October 17th – Wednesday, October 19th in Albany at the Century House.  I will be joined by Carrie Fishner, SUNYLA Vice President.  A few of the hot topics for this meeting will be the new governance model for SCLD along with the progress of selecting a new LSP for SUNY libraries.

Last year’s Mid-Winter Virtual Conference was a great success (again!) and we do plan on having another virtual conference this year.  More details will follow in the coming month or so.

Let’s have a great year!