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Publications Report
« on: September 22, 2016, 04:49:46 PM »
Below and attached. I will not be attending the meeting so please email me or something if you have any questions.

Publications Committee Report
September 22, 2016

•   Submissions are coming in for the October newsletter. The deadline is Sept. 26.
•   The post-conference special edition of the newsletter was a hit. I think we’ll need to make that a regular thing.
•   Jennifer DeVito has volunteered to be co-admin of the SUNYLA Facebook page ( and to take over running our Twitter account (
•   I am currently recruiting someone to be the newsletter editor as Jennifer Smathers has stepped down from that job.

Coming up:
•   The next issue of the newsletter will come out in February.
•   Jennifer D. is looking into setting up a Hootsuite account to help manage the FB and Twitter feeds.

Current members:
Nancy Abashian  (Binghamton)
Jim Coan  (Oneonta)
April Davies, chair  (Cobleskill)
Jennifer DeVito  (Stony Brook)
Karen Gelles  (Farmingdale)
Jill Locascio  (Optometry)
Christian Poehlmann  (Albany)
Jennifer Smathers  (Brockport)
Susanna Van Sant  (TC3)
Brandon West  (Geneseo)
Lydia Willoughby  (New Paltz)

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies