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Personnel Policies Committee Report - 09/21/16
« on: September 21, 2016, 03:00:20 PM »
Personnel Policies Committee Report
Eugene J. Harvey

Over the summer, two members of the committee (Nancy Abashian – Binghamton, Eugene Harvey – Buffalo State) presented the preliminary salary report data at the 2016 SUNYLA Conference.  Details from that presentation can be found here:

Preliminary data in the presentation highlighted that, in general, librarians tend to earn approximately $29,200 to $37,200 less than other SUNY faculty members.  However, initial 10-year comparisons to 2006 data indicate librarians have closed the salary gap a bit, despite the lingering pay difference.  In 10 years, faculty salaries have increased approximately 6.5%, while librarians’ salaries have increased approximately 16%.

For the most part, data analysis has been completed, and the chair is taking responsibility for the initial writing of the draft of the formal report, which will be reviewed/proofread by committee members for revision.  The chair has been in contact with Jason Torre from UUP and will be sharing some of the data from the presentation (maybe the presentation itself via a webinar) and the upcoming report to help with advocacy efforts and negotiations.

As a reminder, the committee will be turning toward the brainstorming of other ideas for addressing personnel issues and concerns.  Other ideas for committee work could include the need to revisit the purpose of exit surveys, how to better connect to SUNYLA advocacy efforts, and other personnel issues stemming from the UUP survey from a year or two ago. 

Exit Surveys

None received.

Next PPC Meeting
TBD (mid-October)


Respectfully submitted,

Eugene J. Harvey, MLS, MSW
SUNY Buffalo State
Chair, SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee