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Ad Hoc Archives Report (Dan Harms)
« on: November 19, 2010, 08:49:55 AM »
Ad Hoc Archives Committee Report

Attached please find a copy of the amended Deed of Gift from Buffalo with regard to our archives there, for the Council's approval.

The Archives Committee has also drafted the following directions, as per the Council's request at the last meeting:

Members of the Executive Board are responsible for document retention and disposition in the areas over which they have oversight, and for submitting for approval to the Council a written procedure to be used in that area for discharging these responsibilities.
Documents are to be submitted when an Executive Board member leaves office or goes up for re-election, or on a yearly basis for the minutes of the Executive Board and Council meetings. Exceptions to these procedures necessary for the needs of a particular group should be noted in the plan sent to the Council.
The items submitted will be works documenting the history, business, and actions of the individual or the unit with regard to SUNYLA activities, whether created or received - e.g. reports, official correspondence, election results, membership lists, meeting agendas, project files, or meeting minutes. Documents of a confidential nature or that include personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) are not to be included.
If documents are necessary for the individual or their successor to conduct SUNYLA business, then reproductions of the relevant documents may be made.
Documents should be sent in paper form, as the preferred form, or in an electronic form designated by the archives and producible by the officer. Electronic documents should, if possible, be printed for inclusion. Electronic copies may be submitted in addition to the paper copies if desired. Any electronic documents should be placed in a form selected for its long-range usability, such as PDF format.
The documents should be submitted to the following address, with a cover letter indicating that they are to be placed in the SUNYLA archives collection and a list of the materials provided:
University Archives
420 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1674
The Archives can be contacted at (716) 645-2916 with any questions or concerns.
The documents should be sent by intercampus courier service or, if not possible, by regular mail. The sender should submit a receipt to the Treasurer if any expenses are incurred by this process, informing the treasurer in advance if expenses will accrue over $50 for the transfer. In the case of electronic documents, the officer should contact the archives for information about appropriate formats and media for the transfer.

Action Items:
1) Approval of the Deed of Gift
2) Charging the Executive Board with the creation of lists of documents and procedures for ensuring that they are archived at the University at Buffalo

Dan Harms, Chair, Ad Hoc Archives Committee
Submitted to the Council on November 10