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SCFC Liaison Report
« on: June 06, 2016, 09:27:59 AM »
After much debate both within SCFC and within the larger SCLD group the vote to peruse a new contract with ESLN (formerly known as the NY3Rs) to continue ELD delivery passed! (The current contract ends in December with no more renewals, so a new contract must be negotiated.)

There were several points of contention in this discussion. Some directors felt that it was more beneficial for their libraries to no longer participate in ELD (or drop service levels down from 5x/week). Some suggested that every library negotiate their own ELD service with ESLN if they wanted to keep the service. The directors were then reminded that ELD was part of the core SUNYConnect package and that meant they couldn't just elect to not pay for that part unless they then also took a vote to remove ELD from the core package. While some directors didn't feel they were getting their money's worth, others pointed out that paying for ELD through SUNYConnect made it possible for them to participate in physical resource sharing which was a huge benefit to them and their patrons. By the end of a very long debate it was these directors that ultimately won out and the resolutions were passed.

In the end the resolutions SCFC proposed that SCLD passed were (taken right from the SCLD Business Meeting Minutes):
•   Keep delivery as a core service on the recharge schedule. (service will continue as stated in current contract).
•   Creation of a SUNY Libraries Task force to work with ESLN and other willing partners to determine a sustainable service model for delivery of goods to NYS libraries.
•   Determine a new financial model to assess and charge for ILL delivery.
•   As we look into a new ILL delivery model include features that include better system for tracking.