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« on: May 26, 2016, 11:02:24 AM »
Please submit your officer and committee reports using this link. The subject should state what the report is, and please include your name in the body of the report. Thank you!


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Publications Report
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2016, 04:39:47 PM »
below & attached
Publications Committee Report
June 8, 2016

•   The May newsletter got posted to the website on May 26. The next issue will be in October, with the submission date in mid-September.
•   Email discussions re: other potential activities for the committee haven’t been as productive as I’d hoped—my fault as much as it is anyone else’s. I’ll try again over summer.

Ideas for coming year:
•   Get 1 or 2 committee members to be additional admins on the SUNYLA fb page—we need more postings and it shouldn’t all come from me, variety is good. More admins will also provide backup in case I win the lottery and move to Nova Scotia.
•   Get a committee member to be the admin on the SUNYLA twitter account—our tweets are all generated by our fb posts at present, this is not optimal and as twitter is not my thing…
•   October newsletter should include an article about being a delegate—something like ‘so you’re a delegate, now what?’ or ‘why it’s been great being a delegate’
•   and ads for the grants program and for getting involved in the upcoming online mid-winter conference (assuming we’re still going to do it)

Current members:
Nancy Abashian  (Binghamton)
Jim Coan  (Oneonta)
April Davies, chair  (Cobleskill)
Jennifer DeVito  (Stony Brook)
Karen Gelles  (Farmingdale)
Jill Locascio  (Optometry)
Christian Poehlmann  (Albany)
Jennifer Smathers  (Brockport)
Susanna Van Sant  (TC3)
Brandon West  (Geneseo)
Lydia Willoughby  (New Paltz)

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies