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1st Vice President Report
« on: March 10, 2016, 10:42:41 PM »
Once again, it's time for the Nomination Committee to seek nominations for 1st Vice President/President-Elect, 2nd Vice President/Conference Chair, and Secretary.  Any member current with their dues is eligible to run for a position. Last week I sent out a call for nominations to SUNYLA-L and I'm confindent that we'll have excellent candidates running for these positions.  It's not too late to apply yourself!  Please let me know if you are interested in running for any of these positions.  Elections are typically in April.

The position terms are:

1st Vice President/President-Elect:

The 1st VP serves a 3-year term.  The first year of the term they serve as 1st VP and are responsible for coordinating delegates, chairing the Nomination Committee, and helping the President as needed.  The second year of the term they assume the position of President and see to the running of SUNYLA and serve as the liaison to the SUNY Council of Library Directors.  The final year of the term they serve as Past-President and advise the President as needed.

2nd Vice President (Conference Chair):

The 2nd VP serves a 1-year term and is responsible for organizing the next SUNYLA conference (2017) including overseeing the various committees.  The 2nd VP will serve as a liaison between the conference library and SUNYLA.


The Secretary serves for two years, after election to office in even-numbered years.  The Secretary is responsible for recording SUNYLA Council meeting minutes, attendance, and votes, as well as distributing agendas, supporting materials, and ballots.

More information on each of these positions can be found at:

As Rebecca Hyams mentioned in her report, we will be attending the SCLD Spring meeting at SUNY Central on April 19-21.  I am still looking for examples of the excellent projects and initiatives happening at our SUNY Libraries.  Please share your ideas by emailing me directly at or commenting on this post.  Specifically, I am looking for a high-resolution photograph (3000px by 2000px -- a sharp photo from a iPhone 6s will do) illustrating a specific projects/initiatives happening at your library, along with a two sentence description.  If you are interested in contributing to the SUNY Librarians poster for the SUNY System Administration gallery walk, please submit your materials to me by Friday, March 25th.  Let's make this awesome!