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SCFC Liaison Report
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:42:35 PM »
The main issue the SCFC is looking right now is of renewing/handling the ELD Contract. Right now SUNYConnect pays for ELD service (and then campuses pay via recharge). However, a few things have lead to a reevaluation of what we're doing for the ELD contract:

-There is no cost savings to SUNY for us to all go in together, our rate is the same whether we contract with ESLN or go through SUNYConnect.
-In fact, there is the possibility for SUNY System to add an additional overhead charge on contracts handled by System instead of the campuses individually. (Though, if SUNYConnect sets a contract it can be worked out to have campuses pay individually for service at the negotiated rate.)
-ELD now allows for pricing based on the number of days a library receives delivery service, and there are a few campuses that claim they'd like to cut back the number of days they receive service to save money

So the SCFC is sending a survey out to the directors to get feedback as to how we should proceed in renewing the contract. Our contract is currently good through 12/2016 and we have the option to extend that through to 6/2017 to get the budgets in order if there are changes to how payment is done.

We likely will have another meeting in April during the SCLD Spring meeting in Albany.