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President's Report
« on: March 09, 2016, 11:42:11 PM »
My brain is a little fried from two days of ILS Vendor demos, but let's see what I can cover:

There are a few points of business to take care of:

1) I've attached the proposed bylaws change for the artist soon-to-formerly-be-known as TUG. The proposed change is to change the name of the committee from TUG (Technology Users Group) to the TDG (Technology Discussion Group).
1a) On that note, I've also attached proposed language changes for the manual of responsibilities as per the discussion at last June's council meeting. The additional changes now reflect the proposed name change.

2) We have at least one committee chair and two liaisons that have informed me they will be stepping down from those at the end of their terms in June. We will vote to approve each of the new chairs and liaisons at the June meeting. If you are a liaison or committee chair and your term is ending and you wish to step down, please let me know so we can add it to the list of positions to vote on.

3) We have a lock on a site for the 2017 SUNYLA Conference. I'll have more details to announce at the meeting because we need to vote to approve the site.

As for updates:
Bill and I will be attending the SCLD Spring meeting at the Courthouse in SUNY System Administration, April 19-21. They super packed the agenda including time with the SUNY Provost, updates from the ILS review team, and updates on their Strategic Plan. SCLD has signed a consulting agreement with ITHAKA S+R to help determine best future steps for SUNY Libraries and the consulting team will be making the rounds to find out what we need from each other and from the system.

(And as an aside, I realize I've mentioned the ILS Review Team twice in this update, as I've just returned from the meetings John referred to in his report. We will be doing a Pre-conference session at SUNYLA this year to share everything with those who are interested. That's not actually related to my role as SUNYLA President...)