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1st Vice President Report


Bill Jones:
Part of my duties as 1st VP is to find next year's 1st VP, so I’m using this forum as an opportunity to put a call out for interested candidates.  If anyone's curious about the responsibilities of the position, please feel free to contact me. I'll be making a bigger push on this after the March council meeting when we hit nomination season.

During the Fall 2015 SCLD Meeting, I was assigned to the planning team for the Spring 2016 meeting.  The planning team had its first meeting on Monday, January 26th at the University at Buffalo.  As part of the upcoming Spring meeting in Albany, we’ll be putting together a poster session/gallery walk to be displayed at SUNY Central.  I’ve been asked to put together two posters – one on shared services/IDS Project and one on SUNYLA.  In particular, the SUNYLA poster should highlight innovative projects, grants, and awards that are representative of the great work we all do in our libraries.  It has been suggested that items on the poster align with the five priority areas of SUNY Excels (more information available at ).  Do you have any ideas about elements that should be included on the poster?  Please comment below or send me an email at to help make this poster great!

Bill Jones:
Correction -- I'm making the push now and we need to have candidates selected by the March meeting.  The positions that are up for nomination are:

-- 1st Vice President
-- 2nd Vice President
-- Secretary

Please email me if you are interested in running for a position.  After candidates are approved at the March Council meeting, ballots will go out at the end of March.

Bill Jones:
For your ideas about the poster, please provide a title of the project, a short description, and some images if you have them.  Please provide this information by March 30th, 2016.


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