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WGIL Report
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:48:43 AM »
We ran the Instructional Video Challenge and had a few results, but not as many as we would have liked. We’re currently investigating the reasons behind this and have sent out a survey to the SUNYLA list to try to determine some of the impediments.  We would like to know if this is something on which we should continue to devote energy since not many submissions have resulted.

After completing the GenEd revision and accompanying letter, I sent it to Peter Knuepfer (University Faculty Senate) who then shared it with the executive board.  We followed up by phone. He was very supportive of our efforts, agreed that the competencies were very much outdated and indicated that the executive board felt the same.  However, they ultimately felt that the actual process of putting through a revision like this would be cumbersome and lengthy and may not even produce the kind of SUNY-wide impact that we were hoping for anyway.  He felt it would be more beneficial if we worked on promoting the competencies within our own campuses, to which I replied that most of us have and it's not working that well. He then noted that many SUNY campus are moving away from focusing on SUNY GE program and are instead turning their attention towards further developing their own local GE learning outcomes. 
Our suggestion at this point would be to redirect our attention away from SUNY GE entirely and focus on the idea of SUNYLA coming up with our own rubric/standards/outcomes for information literacy that all SUNY campuses can look to. This wouldn’t be something as official as SUNY GE, obviously, but it would at least provide something that SUNY librarians can use when advocating for information literacy standards on their campus.

3Ts 2016
3Ts 2016 will be happening in fall (10/18/16 @ Brockport) in a THATcamp hybrid format. The theme will be Moving Information Literacy Outside of the Library with two potential tracks for short 20-minute presentations (Authentic Tasks, Authentic Assessment). We are still working on most of the details.

Charge WGIL with creation of a rubric (if so desired)
Portal discussion (how do we encourage submissions, should we ask for help from SCLD?)
Motion for seed money ($1000) to be used as needed