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Please post your campus updates here. As always, please also include your name/campus in the update.

Staff updates:
-Maxine Koberg, Senior Library Clerk extraordinaire and currently the longest-serving member of the college community (46 years!) is retiring effective 1/29/16. Former part-time circulation clerk Laura Peck has been hired as her replacement.
-We have a new part-time reference librarian, Barb Biljan, who started last week, replacing Justin Cronise.
-We're currently interviewing for two part-time circ positions

We're still knee-deep in Middle States preparation, and all full-time librarians are serving on committees.

Check out the SUNYLA newsletter for info about various contests and events that we held this past fall. Be on the lookout for Batgirl and Princess Leia sightings on campus . . .

More than 60 students from English classes at Cambridge High School in Washington County visited the SUNY Adirondack campus during the mornings of Jan. 6 and 7. Because it was during the winter break with few college students, students were able to enjoy the less-crowded library space. After an introductory tour and research session with Reference and Instruction Librarian Joyce Miller, students used library resources to research their 10-page controversial issues papers. Cambridge librarian Terese Brennan and the school's English teachers have been bringing students for a morning on our campus during winter break for several years now.
Dan Foote is returning to the SUNY Adirondack Library staff as a library specialist. The library staff is very happy to have him back not only for his top-notch computer skills, but more importantly, for his extremely helpful and pleasant manner.

Rebecca Hyams:
SUNY Maritime:

At the end of the Fall semester we finished a weeding project of our bound periodicals and had several rows of shelves taken out of the library. We have some temporary furniture right now and are looking to see how students are using the space.

SUNY Maritime was awarded a $750,000 grant from SUNY to build what the administration is calling an "Academic Success Center" which will be housed partially in the library. Some of the money will be going towards renovations in our space to better meet the needs of our users. Right now an architect is working with us and surveys have gone out to start identifying what our users need from a modern library space.

We've started the process of reaching out to faculty to start a massive weed of our circulating collection. We hope to have that done by the end of the school year in May.

We've hired a Archivist and Scholarly Communications Librarian! Annie Tummino has most recently worked at Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library as a Project Archivist. Previously she has worked on grant-funded projects at METRO and the Queens Museum. She will be starting with us in late February and we're super excited to have her join us.

We also had a new part-time Librarian join our staff in December, Martin Zmijewski. He's been brave enough to take on Government Document duties, along with some other tasks, and mainly splits Evening/Weekend hours long-time part time Librarian Geri Hebert.

Last week Kristin Hart and Rebecca Hyams presented at METRO's annual conference. Their presentation was titled "You've Done PDA, What About PDW?: Patron-Driven Weeding at the SUNY Maritime Library".

We’ve shuffled some positions here at Van Wagnen Library. Brendan Aucoin is now managing Circulation. Katherine Brent has added some Systems duties as well as Archives & Special Collections to her ILL responsibilities. April Davies is now Head of Public & Technical Services.

Preparations continue for the 2016 SUNY Undergraduate Research Showcase to be held here at Cobleskill. SURC 2016 is scheduled for April 15th. Renowned cancer researcher Jill Bargonetti will give the keynote address. The proposal deadline is Feb. 5th:


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