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Conference Planning Report
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:16:06 AM »
SUNYLA 2016 Conference Planning Report, November 2015
From Laura Evans, 2nd Vice President/Conference Chair

•   The Conference Planning Committee has been convened and we had our first meeting on October 13. We will meet again on November 18.

•   The next step for the committee is to get a program session subcommittee together in order to get the call for proposals out in December, with a submission deadline in late January. Likely we will issue the call for posters after the pre-conference and conference sessions have been decided (February), as that seemed to work well last year.

•   The theme of the conference will be “Convergence: Libraries from Every Direction.” A description of the theme has been posted on the website and will be on the proposal submission form.
•   Eva Sclippa from the planning committee has designed a logo for the conference, which you can see here in the report document, and it will also appear on the website very soon.

•   We are starting to add content to the website (, so it’s ready to be linked to the SUNYLA conferences page. The design is still a work in progress but it should be finalized by next week.

•   We still need suggestions for a keynote speaker. I’ll bring this up at the planning meeting also.

•   Juan Denzer from the planning committee has found an app that we could use for the conference called Guidebook. It’s free up to 200 users, and would provide access to the schedules, maps, bios, etc. that we upload. Once we have that info (in the spring) he will work on uploading and configuring the app for our conference.

•   Our campus has determined that we do need to purchase insurance coverage for the conference.

•   The Local Arrangements Committee has also met and is working on the menu and budget for food with our on-campus caterer, Sodexo. The food subcommittee is very much aware of various dietary concerns. Local Arrangements is also working on tours, door prizes, and maps/signage.