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Professional Development Committee Report
« on: November 10, 2015, 03:18:18 PM »
Professional Development Committee Report

The Professional Development Committee met virtually on 10/19/15.   I updated the membership roster for the Professional Development Committee.  I invited any SUNYLA members who recently (in 2015) indicated that they were interested in joining the committee.  Currently, there are fourteen members.

During the meeting, I informed members that I am looking for a co-chair to assist with the PDC. To date, no one has contacted me to express interest in serving as Co-Chair.

Ideas were discussed regarding a brown bag series.  They include: support research for tenure, information literacy strategies and supporting new librarians.

The Conference Awards Subcommittee may consider inviting Sylvia Chu award winners to serve on the Conference Awards Subcommittee the year following their receipt of the award. 

The mentoring program is status quo. There is one pairing for this academic year and there doesn’t seem to be interest among current PDC members in making the mentoring program a subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee. I may send out an announcement to seek mentors/mentees for Spring 2016, the second half of the academic year.
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