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TUG report


I became the new TUG chair back in June and we met up at the SUNYLA conference to see where the group was and reassess our goals for the group.  One of the changes we decided to make was to change the name of the group to Technology Discussion Group to reflect that this group is meant as a place for different SUNY Librarians to come together to discuss technology related issues including "sharing and exploring best practices for effectively identifying and evaluating, seamlessly integrating, and successfully assessing outcomes and impacts of technology for library services”.  The group can be an umbrella group for different types of technology related librarian issues that may not currently fall into other groups and can include web services, instructional design, systems, etc.

To facilitate this discussion we decided to create a Facebook group.  It will be a closed group where a moderator (me) would approve members who request to join to preserve a little privacy. It is hoped that some possible initiatives, opportunities for collaboration, etc. will emerge from the discussion(s).

I am hoping to create the group soon and will email SUNYLA when I do so people can join in the discussion group. 
In addition to the creation of the Facebook group I am planning on updating our committee page on the SUNYLA website to reflect our current status.


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